Friday, February 24, 2006

Well, right now I should be doing horrible, horrible tutorials, but I have found that I cannot concentrate. So, this weekend, I will have the lovely job of finishing said tutorials, because I promised my boss I would be done with them by Monday. *Sigh*
As for life, it is hectic as usual. Between school, work, and everything in between, I rarely have time to sit back and do nothing (unless I make time even though I have none-like right now.) I recently got back the first four pages of my senior paper (four more pages to go) and was thoroughly excited because I got an A on it (which is absolutely fabulous since I wrote the whole thing in one night). However, now that I have it back, I have no excuses to not work on it. I still have TONS of research to do for it. And as for the project that goes along with it, being the procrastinator that you all know and love, I haven't even started it. Which could be a bad thing since we have to have in a certain amount of hours (35 to be exact) and I only have about 30 minutes logged. Hmmm, maybe I should get going on that. Not counting my AP Lit class, I have homework in every stinking class (the teachers should really pity us seniors-as if we don't already have enough going on). Especially my AP United States History class. I have recently come to the decision that that class, if any, will be the class to kill me. I can't remember if I've posted about this before, (and if I have, oops) but my teacher got behind on the material (very, very behind) and so now, he's speeding through everything to try to make up for lost time. All we do is take notes every class and then for homework, we read, and read, and read the longest 'brief' edition textbook I have ever seen. After we read, then we get to do the tedious homework!
As I look back on my post, I realize that it was just a bunch of ranting on my part, but give me a break, I'm feeling just a little overwhelmed at the moment.

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