Friday, May 19, 2006

In relation to the whole one-word comment thing going around BEBO lately, I'd have to say that if I had to describe myself in one-word today it would be


Yup, school is evil. That's about all I have to say right now. Or at least my english teacher is evil. For school, we had to choose a classic novel that portrays good vs. evil. Cindi and I decided to read "The Portrait of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde. Doesn't sound too bad, right?
Not finished yet. Not only did we have to read the novel-which wouldn't be too bad at all- but we also had to annotate
Every. Single. Page. Thats Two-Hundred and Thirty pages of annotations! Now maybe that wouldn't be so bad if we were smart and didn't put it all off to the last minute, but Me? Plan ahead? HA! Guess what I was doing last night for hours and hours-the eve before the horrible thing was due I might add-? Hmm? You got it, I was reading. And reading, and reading some more. And just when I wanted to stop reading, I got to read some more. Now I have no problem with reading in general, and actually enjoy it from time to time, when the novel is INTERESTING! But this ended up being an incredible WASTE. OF. TIME. Seriously, when will I ever use this again in my lifetime. I fail to see how this is going to help in the future.
So anyway, I ended up being up until 2:15 am reading a horrible novel last night, and then was awoken at 6:30 by the lovely birds outside my open window. Now one night of minimal sleep isn't so bad, and I'm in high school, I can handle that. But the fact of the matter is, I haven't gotten much sleep any night this week! Whoever said that you can coast through Senior year was a BIG. FAT. LIAR!

Okay, that should enough ranting to hold me over for at least a few days! Hope you all are having a great time and are well rested, unlike myself!


MsPoppins20 said...

Don't worry... it will be over soon. Then just think of all the thank you notes you will get to write for your graduation presents!! =)

Mandy Quast said...

lol...woo hoo. That's soo ironic. Today I spent time working on my grad announcements. Fun stuff, that is.

Goliath said...

Well, *I* coasted through my senior year. And my junior year. In fact, high school was a joke for me. College on the other hand? I've yet to figure out the secrets to that. I HATE college.

But yeah, speaking of senior year I had this horrible Calculus teacher. It was humorous to sit in class and just laugh at his terrible humor. Quite sad, actually...

Mandy Quast said...

well. :P to you!!