Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sooo..I feel terrible. It has been a whole month since I posted. That is pathetic, and I apologize. An update:
  1. My car is still sick. While I can drive it, it is still leaking a little bit of power-steering fluid, and thus, still banned from my spot in the garage and driveway. If this makes no sense to you, here is some background. My parents are somewhat anal folks and flinch at the thought of having a stained driveway. So, I must park out at the street. Tear, Tear.
  2. I recently received a raise at work. Now that, my friend, is very exciting. A whole 25 cents increase!
  3. School starts in 2 weeks. A day which I am dreading at the moment. I have to drive out to Ashland four (4) days a week once school starts. Two of those days only for one class. The big picture: Lots of gas, means lots of money down the drain for something called an education.
  4. I was very dismayed to hear that Sam Goody got bought out. I just signed up for a 2-year subscription for their rewards program and it's all going down the drain because f.y.e. has their own program that only goes for ONE year. Basically, $25 down the drain. *sigh*
  5. I have a stomach flu that has been going around my office. Just about everyone has had it, and now I do. I have felt nautious off and on for almost a WEEK now. I'm ready to be done with it now. In case you were wondering....
  6. I've recently discovered Dee Henderson. Granted I have heard people rave on about her before, but I finally caved in when Matt gave me a copy of one of her books. Now I am hooked.
  7. I'm tired of the hot weather and very much ready for fall to be here. I absolutely love the weather in fall---perfect with a zip up jacket or sweatshirt...and it's soooo beautiful.
  8. I have been a good Sunday School kid and actually DONE my lesson before class for the last TWO weeks in a row! Go me!!
  9. This last weekend, Donna, Zach, and I went down to Sacramento for the long weekend to visit Stacy, Florin, and all of the other wonderful people in Sacramento. We had an absolute blast!
  10. And I am too young to have these kinds of back problems. 'Nuf said. Thinking about finding a good chiropracter-yes, it's that bad.
Whelp, I think that about sums it up for now.


Mandy Quast said...

Wow, I feel really loved

MsPoppins20 said...

I'm sorry! I do love you, but I was a tad busy last week. Unfortunately, I probably will not be as up on my bebo/blog life as I was during the summer now that school stuff is starting up. I just get too busy!