Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ever realize that life sometimes gets so out of control-that there are just SO many things going on that you don't really take the time to enjoy God's gift of nature's beautiful scenery?

Yesterday, as I was waiting for it to be time for class to begin, I was just sitting in my car, and realized just how beautiful Autumn is. All of the different colors, vibrant as ever. As I sat there, I wished I had my camera, but at the same time knowing a camera could never capture the true beauty of the moment. It wouldn't do it justice.

I don't know about everyone else, but I know that too often I get caught up in life and all of the things I have to do such as work, school, and all of the homework that goes along with it, add in other stuff, and I have virtually no free time to just be.

Sometimes you just have to step back and take a deep breath of crisp Autumn air and relax.

On a completely other note, recently a person has popped back into my life and it has completely thrown me for a loop. Not all of you know what I'm talking about, but I have to admit that it freaks me out. The first time I saw her, I practically had an anxiety attack. I won't go into much depth, just that I'd really appreciate prayer.

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Goliath said...

I will definately be praying. And, yes, Autumn is amazing and it truly is nice when you get a moment to realize it.