Friday, May 18, 2007

Why spring
is so amazing:

  1. Because of all the Sunshininess (yes, it IS a my dictionary.)
  2. The break out of bright colored skirts (they're the best kind!)
  3. Open toed shoes (which is the larger section of my shoe collection :D)
  4. Getting to drive around with the top down on my car. Spring has the best weather for this becuase in summer it gets too hot and fall it is beginning to get too cold!
  5. Getting to enjoy iced and blended coffee again, as well as smoothies (homemade is the best!)
  6. Camp meeting is right around the corner!
  7. Going to the park and laying out on a blanket. 'Nuf said.

Why Spring isn't so amazing:

  1. Since it's not that hot yet, it's easy to forget to put on sunscreen, and thus get sunburnt (for me, that is. Can anyone say Lobster?)
  2. While there is sunshine, there seems to always be a chance for rain. They do say "April showers, bring May flowers" for a reason.
  3. Too warm for hot coffee now.
  4. Have to save up for trips in Summer so I have to cut back on spending.
  5. Tons of birthdays (in my circle anyway), meaning lotsa gifts to buy. Which in turn is tough because I'm supposed to be saving up for my afore mentioned Summer trips.

Despite my earlier gripes about Spring, I really do love it!

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