Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Crap to do before my existence on this planet comes to an end (some from memory of old list that I can't find)

go somewhere out of the country (preferably NOT Canada or Mexico)
ride in a hot air balloon
learn to ballroom dance
visit New York (done!)
get to be a bridesmaid in a wedding
get married
have kids
adopt a kid or do foster care
paint something that I'm proud of
go to college and graduate
live in another city
stay up all night and watch the sunrise (done!)
rock climb a real rock, not the fake ones I've climbed at the Y and the Slick Kart tracks
own a house
see an opera (done!)
be debt free (Ha! Like that is ever going to happen!)
learn to not procrastinate
get straight A's for at least one term in college (have come oh so close a couple times)
learn HTML (I know geeky, but done)
have a better relationship with my mom
be a mentor (like the Big Brother/Sister program)
volunteer for an organization I believe in
coach a kindersoccer team
participate in a murder mystery dinner (Stole from Leila--originally read "Clue mystery")
go on a cruise
participate in a protest (done over something stupid, would like to do again)
try to go a whole week without a cell phone
learn to sail
become a better public speaker
camp on a beach
have an eco-friendly/green wedding (I can dream!)
actually use my day-planner
do a photo shoot in the rain

this is as much as I can think of as of now. May add more later!

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leila said...

I like your list. There are things on there that I would've added (like owning a house) but for the fact that I don't know where I would like to live forever and ever. I think I'm too much of a gypsy soul to want to attach myself permanently to one place.

But we should definitely get together and start working on our lists- I can think of at least one we could do pretty soon (CAMP ON THE BEACH!)