Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Pet's Name is Peeve

After the huge input I got after my last post, I thought I'd do another similar post. Make it a series of sorts.

This week, we're talking about pet peeves (PPs). While Zach talked about his OCD moment on his blog, I would classify that as more of a PP (if there are classes).

One of my biggest PPs, is when people slurp while eating soup! It drives me bonkers. I think this stems from the fact that as a child I was constantly getting in trouble for doing that very thing by my father. So now, naturally, it bugs me when others do it.

What are some of your pet peeves?


Mindy said...

When people drive waaaaaaay too far below the speed limit, especially when it's NOT in a dangerous area!!

And, related to the OCD thing, when the cleaning lady leaves the stuff in my desk in the generally right area, but in disarray. The same thing happened when I was training a replacement once and it drives me NUTS!!!

Mandy Sue said...

@mindy: I actually drive below the speed limit on the freeway now. I used to drive over, and got frustrated with anyone going at or below the speed limit and holding me up from getting to my destination. Now, I care more about how long I can stretch a tank of gas, and since you get your best bang for your buck around 55 mph, I have been going about 60. Needless to say, my gas goes much farther these days!

I will say that it bugs me very much when people are driving below the speed limit in town though!

We just got new cleaning people at work, so it's kind of a nice thing to see things have moved because they are actually doing a good job. I'm sure this will wear off eventually, but for now, it is nice to see that my desk has been wiped down!

Stacy said...

Ok well since you've both mentioned the whole "cleaning crew" at your places of employment....I would say I have a definate "PP" there. When they dust the top shelf of my desk, little fragments of dust fall onto my desk and any normal person (I would hope) would go along after that and clean the surface below. Well not our people, they dust and wherever it lands it stays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and my chair is another thing, I have everything in its "correct" place when I leave for the night, including my chair. So when I come in, in the morning and see my chair pulled out and things all random on my desk, I want to SCREAM!

Does taht fall under OCD or PP?

Got one more....When I'm over at Florin's and he takes his socks off, he toss's them on the floor. Not a HUGE deal, other than the fact that his laundry basket is litterly steps away from where the socks have landed! Yes I must admit I follow behind him, pick them up and put them where they belong :)

Zachary J. Miles said...

Does it still bug you if someone slurps their milk after eating cereal? I mean, it's not soup. ;)

Mandy Sue said...

@stacy: It is interesting that we all seem to have gripes about our desks at work! Funny that out of all the places we could gripe about, we gripe about the place we HAVE to be.

@zachary j. miles: Thank you for that insightful comment that added so much to the environment here at Through a Photographer's Eye. :P

Stacy said...

It must be because we spend so much time there, we have time to sit and look around at the different things that annoy us :)

NitaBonita said...

Since we so happen to be on the topic of cleaning crew, I set up a small test for the "anonymous cleaner", and I placed a pen right by the garbage that she takes out every night ( although she/he didn't one time, but that's besides the point) just to see if she/he would pick it up and I got there the next day and It was still on the ground. I did this about 2 or 3 times and both times I still discovered it on the ground the next day. Why you ask I did this? I have no IDEA! I forgot but I know I did it for a reason!
Hmm... "PP" When those "OLDER PEOPLE" blow their noses at restraunts. Gah!! It's gross and its such a pet peeve for me. It's like go to the bathroom you SICKOO! I'm sure it's not only "OLD" people but that's mostly who I see doing it. Does that only bother me?

LaDonna said...

Okay, I am officially back and blogging, Mandy :-)

So, going away from cleaning a bit here, my biggest pet peeve would probably be when people use a bottle of some sort (milk, ibuprofen, toothpaste) and leave the cap off. Grrr, that drives me crazy!

Mandy Sue said...

@nitabonita Now, Now, lets give the cleaning people a break. I was part of a cleaning crew once upon a time and there was nothing worse than finding out one of the office people was "testing" us by purposely leaving paperclips under her desk.

And I think it is disgusting when ANYONE blows their nose in front of me.