Saturday, December 13, 2008

"Art" Snob

I have a friend. We'll not name names, she's what I like to call an art snob. She good at drawing, painting, pastels, charcoal. You name it. Everything in conventional art; she's good at it.

However, her one "downfall" is her inability to see the art in other medias. We've gotten in more than one argument about whether photography is or isn't an art. Is it less of an art if you shoot digital versus film? Is it less of an art if you digitally enhance it? (I say it is as long as you aren't pretending you didn't enhance it). There are other mediums that she doesn't see as "art", but you get the idea.

I say if it takes creativity and skill and effort, it's art. Maybe that's me. Maybe I want to widen a term because I'm not necessarily an "artist" by her terms.

Have you ever gotten in arguments with your friends about something and neither of you would budge? How did you get past that?

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jess said...

When that happens with my friends I kill them and bury their bodies in my backyard. I'm a little lonely now, but my garden is doing very well.

LOL Okay, I don't know, maybe leave the subject alone? You have to decide whether the friendship can get past that or not and that mean just keep on trying until it's clear that you should walk away.

p.s. Have you tried the video again? It's working fine for me.