Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Tonight while at work I had a customer call in wanting delivery confirmation for a bouquet he was sending to his mother on her Birthday.  I put him on hold and called the florist and explained that I wanted to find out the status of an order that was supposed to go out today.  Usually anyone in the shop can look things up for me and give me a status, but the girl who answered the phone promptly told me to hold on while she gets a manager.  

Eventually I was transferred to a manager, who, just my luck, did NOT speak English as his first language.  He made me spell the first/last names of the customer and the recipient FIVE times. FIVE! And then he put me on hold for over 5 minutes while he looked for the order. (Meanwhile the customer was still on hold on the other line)

Seriously you either have it or you don't.

He finally came back on the line to ask what the delivery address was. I told him and he said he would need to call us back because he couldn't find the order.  Yeah, like the customer is going to accept that answer.  And then he made me give him FTD's phone number 3 times before he was satisfied he had it correct.  I think he needs hearing aids.  

Yeah, getting back on the phone with the customer after putting them on hold for 10 minutes only to tell them that we don't have a definitive answer for them because the flower shop is incompetent, and likely lost your order  is not fun.  

I seriously hate my job sometimes. 


Mindy said...

So do you only Twitter now? ::grins:: Or have you done what I did and fallen off the blogging bandwagon...

Mandy Sue said...

school....... kind of killed my blogging habits towards the end there. And not having a job, and interacting with crazy customers everyday, makes me lack in blogging material. :)