Monday, February 06, 2006

So, first off, I'm soooo sorry for not posting for over a month....all I can say is that I've been sooo busy. Since school got back in session, we've been working like madmen trying to get senior stuff done. Anyway, there are a few new things going on for me and I thought you'd like to know.

To head things off, a couple of days after my last blog, I decided to put in my 2 weeks notice at my job. God has been talking to me for awhile about how I needed to leave for multiple reasons, and I just knew it was what I was supposed to do. So I put my faith in Him, and He didn't disappoint. Here I am less than 2 weeks after my old job ended, and alas, I have a new job!
For those who didn't know, some of the main reasons I left my previous job was because it wasn't enough pay, or enough hours. My new job, at Morgan Stanley, is 15-20 hours a week, as compared to my old job which was STRICTLY 10 hours a week, and it is ABOVE minimum wage. So, last week I started the training for my new job, which I have to say, is quite extensive, but at least I get to do it in the comfort of my own home, which is a plus.

Earlier I mentioned the dreaded Senior Project. I have FINALLY decided what I am doing it on, and I am actually excited. I have decided to do my paper on learning styles, and for my project, I plan on going into an elementary school classroom, and helping out. Which is a great project for me, since I love kids!

Also, Wednesday mornings, I have been attending a Bible study and it's absolutely fabuloso! It's a great way to start off my day, and I'm soooo glad that this got started up!

Well, I think that's enough updating for now, and hopefully it won't be another month until I post again.

Random statement: I really do hate Valentine's Day.


Goliath said...

Sounds cool. Bryan just mentioned the Bible study on his blog as well. Sounds interesting.

Rational Icthus said...

So who all goes to this Bible study? How long would it take to get there from Tacoma?