Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I am soooooo ready for this weather to be over. The last couple of days were actually relatively warm, and today when I woke up, I cannot even describe that yucky feeling you get when you look outside and you see a gray, dreary day before you. I don't think it has actually stopped raining today.

I wish that warmth would come back. In fact, I am very ready for Spring to be here. I can't wait to break out those flip-flops again!

That's all for now.


MsPoppins20 said...

I totally understand that feeling. It seems that I always want what I can't have. When it is summer, I desire nothing more than a cool and frosty morning so that I can wear my pea coat and hat and scarf. And when it is winter, I want the summer so that I can wear my flip-flops and capris! Such is life, I guess I need to get used to appreciating what I have right NOW =).

Zachary J. Miles said...

I totally know what you mean(both of you). I'm getting a little tired of this weather and would like nothing more than to be able to wear shorts and flip-flops again. I too am always longing for that which is yet to come. But, that is what I love about living here in the valley... we get a good portion of all four seasons. Absolutely love it!!

Mandy Quast said...

I know...I love that we get all 4 seasons here. I can't imagine what it would be to miss out on one of them. I know I usually complain about all of them at some point in the duration of the season, but I cannot imagine living in a place that we didn't get our fair share of each seperate season in it's own right.

Stacy said...

Oh how I miss Medford for that exact reason. They have the worlds BEAST weather! Yes I too found myself complaining at diff. points during the season, but like Bro. Earl said every Sunday monring:

"Medford is God's Country"

Mandy Quast said...

beast weather???? What's that