Monday, March 12, 2007

so....I've been getting ragged on by a certain someone *cough, cough* Stacy *cough* that I haven't posted in almost a month. In my defense, school has been an absolute NIGHTMARE.

I'm soooo sick of dealing with people who think that having a job and living in the 'real' world is sooo much harder ya-da ya-da ya-da. Shut up! You have no idea how hard college is--with the exception of Bryan and Melina. College sucks and here's why.

Last week this is what I had due--not including working at my job at Morgan Stanley:

  1. A well-practiced speech on the effects of salvage logging due on Monday
  2. A mid-term over statistics that I had to majorly study for because I missed a week and a half of class when I was mondo sick. due on Tuesday
  3. A rough draft on salvage logging due Wednesday.
  4. A 10-12 minute presentation on Software Piracy due on Wednesday.
  5. A 12 page research-paper on the effects of piracy on our society due on Wednesday.
  6. A 5-6 page paper on the effects of Salvage Logging on the Biscuit fire due on Friday.

AND I had to prepare for

  1. A 20-minute group presentation on Salvage logging due this coming Wednesday

So next time some all high and mighty people who think they know that the 'real' world is so much harder than college. I would dare them to go back to college full time and work part time and see just how hard it is. It's ten times more stressful.

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