Monday, March 12, 2007

So, I've been getting ragged on by a certain someone *cough* Stacy *cough* to hurry up and post again. In my defense February was a short month and I was super busy with school. This is my second attempt today at responding to her today. But I kinda went off on all of my frustrations at the moment with people who think they know what they are talking about..but really don't and I decided it kinda sounded a little hostile so I deleted that one and started over.

I don't really know what to say except that I am so glad that it is dead week because that means that next week is finals week, and then after that is SPRING BREAK!! yay for that!! I'll still be working for the beginning of the week, but at least there won't be any homework!

In other news, I am LOVING the sunshine right now! I just wish I had time to go out and enjoy it.


Stacy said...

Oh I'm so happy to hear from My Manders! Even if it did result in mentioning that was "ragging" her ;) Come on now, like you've never done that to me = )

So glad to hear that you are closing approaching finals. How very exciting, cause then Spring Break is almost here! Oh yes and I told my mom today that there are only 11 working days left until we leave. Now that in itself makes me a VERY happy person. Oh if I haven't mentioned this already to either you or Zach can one of you remember to pack any and all games you have? I intend for our trip to be very relaxing and yes competative as well. So bring on the games = )

Ok so maybe I should have just e-mailed you because clearly not everyone else in blog land will want to read this. But hey its too late now. Whats typed is typed....

So on that note have a wonderful evening and maybe I'll catch up with you the W.W.W = )

Zachary J. Miles said...

Hey babe! This version does look a lot less hostel. But I don't blame you or anything. It's been quite the term for you thus far but guess what?! It's almost over!! But I'm sure you were already award of that.

Stacy said...

I'm kind of curious as to what all the "hostel" post contained = )Sounds like we got the mild version of your sad, isn't that what this blogging land is all about...venting??

Mandy Quast said...

Oh yeah, definately, I'll make sure to bring games...including, Friend's Scene-It and Sorry! and anything else I can think of. I can't wait!!

And about the 'hostile' post....believe me, it was even a little much for blogger land.