Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Retarded Car has.....

Struck again. Last week, yet another thing went wrong with it. I went to Les Schwab to pick up Zach after work because he was getting his brakes done, and he went to get in the driver's side door.....and......drumroll please.....the handle BROKE! Like, right where two pieces of metal were soldered, it just broke in half, so pulling on the handle does absolutely nothing!

How exciting for me. Now whenever I have to get into and I'm by myself, I have two choices.
  1. Get in through the passenger side, and climb over the cousel to the driver's side.
  2. Leave the driver's window down half way and open the door from the inside.

Yay!!! for me. My dad ordered the part last week, and it is supposedly coming on Monday. We'll see. The new hood for my car was supposed to be here a month ago, and we just got it yesterday. Fancy that.


Stacy said...

Oh you poor thing! If it isn't one thing it's entirely another. I feel horrible for you!

LaDonna said...

I thought of you and this post today, Manders. The driver's door on my dad's van is having the opposite problem, it won't close. So after a trillion attempts at getting it to stay closed, it finally did and my dad had to just lock it and climb through the passenger side. It was actually pretty humorous :)