Friday, April 20, 2007

So, first, I wan't to appologize for my lack of's terrible that it has been over a month since I last posted. In my defense, I haven't hardly had any time for fun stuff since school started back up again....and it sucks.

On another note, I'll have you know, that I tried to post last week but Blogger was being stupid, and it wouldn't let me post. And then I tried again a couple nights ago and it still wouldn't let me.

I totally had something I wanted to post about, too. But now that I am finally typing, I have NO idea what it was! LOL!

Hope everyone wore maroon or orange today for the Maroon & Orange Effect Day. If you didn't, please don't forget to remember the lives lost in the Virginia Tech Tragedy on Monday. I still cannot believe something that catastrophic could happen. It could have happened at any college, even MY college. It's amazing how it takes a disaster like this to really open people's eyes and draw together. It's actually kind of sad. To think, that it takes some horrible event in order for people to draw closer together. Just like September 11, when everyone had a renewed sense of patriotism. Why do people have to have a wake-up call--in the effect of 33 lives lost, in order to realize that there are more important things than working and making money, and the "I" mentality.

So, please take a page from my book. Don't wait for disasters to open your eyes, try to keep that mentality all the time! I challenge you!

Looking back at this blog, it did not turn out anything like I had intended it. I hope it touches you like the tragedy has touched me.

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