Friday, April 20, 2007

introducing list friday

I'm in a particularly good mood, despite that I can't go outside and enjoy the sunshine. It must be that it's Friday and in just under 4 hours, I will be walking out of this office door, and flinging my arms free for the weekend. and...

I decided to deem today and all Fridays, "List Friday". since lists make me happy, I'm a pro at making them, and Fridays are always happy. so expect a special list every Friday. I'm such a big fan of lists, that I doubt I'll be able to contain myself, and will surely create more lists during the week, but the Friday ones will be special!!so here goes.

10 things that made me happy this week:

• Starbursts, Mike & Ikes, and Animal Cookies for breakfast in Philosopy class with Cindi and Leah
• Editing pictures from Easter
• Sunshine--what little bit we had
• Laughter
• The cartoon Cindi drew during lecture in Philosophy of our Professor :D And his boring lecture!
• I found the notebook I had been looking for feverishly that had MONDO important stuff in it.
• McDonald's bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit meal with a medium orange juice (Yum Yum)
• Eating Olive Garden's breadsticks last night with alfredo sauce
• Watching the little ones at church chase the bubbles on Sunday
• Getting through it!


Zachary J. Miles said...

Okay so those are some really good things! I even got to spend last night with you eating those super yummy bread sticks and Alfredo sauce. Unfortunately though I am never up early enough for McDonald's breakfast. :(

Stacy said...

OK I think I'm with Mandy here, I need to start a Friday lists...what a great idea, and what a post. spin on what could possibly have been a bad/sad week.

Good Jerb Manders!

Mandy Quast said...

Zach- actually are up early enough on Mondays and Wednesdays...but I suspect you don't want to get up eXTRA early to get breakfast before heading ot class..

Jerb? LOL...could you have meant, job?

Stacy said...

Well in a way yes I did mean "Job" but I also mean "Jerb" check out Homestar Runner if you get a chance...Zach could point in to the right clip where he says "A Jerb well done" Kind of catchy and it's stuck ever since....