Friday, November 09, 2007

Caution: Long, Ranting Blog

I'm so tired of being the middle child. Well I guess with my family I am the middle/eldest child depending on how you look at it. My older siblings are 13+ years older than me, so I don't know if I should count them or not. At any rate, the real reason for this rant.

My parents have been babying my little brother his whole life, and it has just gotten worse since he has gotten older. They've always been harder on me. I've always been expected to be an honor student, but they are happy with my brother if he passes all of his classes! They have paid for his numerous actiivities over the years-soccer for his entire school career 1-12 which is NOT cheap as well as his obsession with skateboarding, long-boarding, skating, biking, and numerous other activities without griping about it all through high school. However, as soon as I turned 16 I was expected to get a job and pay for all of my clothing, gas, and other expenses. So I got a job. As soon as I had a 10 hr./week job, my parents now griped whenever I asked if they would pay for something. Keep in mind that 10 hours a week at minimum wage only works out to about $120 every two weeks, which is not much with my gas-guzzler of a car and other expenses.

I'd also like to point out that he wasn't required to get a job when he turned 16. My parents didn't even start pressuring him about it until the end of his senior year! And he didn't get one until the end of August of this year! And he was supposed to be saving up all summer because he was moving down to Sacramento at the beginning of October. So he only ended up saving money from working for a little over a month. Since he didn't have as much money as he thought he would, my parents virtually bought him all of his furniture and everything he needed for his apartment down there except his bed. They even bought him a nice LCD flat-screen tv. They even paid the first & last month rent, and the deposit on his apartment down there. AND he still hasn't found a job or a roommate, so it looks like my parents will be saving his butt yet again this month and paying his bills, since he was down to $150 the last time I talked to him!

I sometimes wonder if he would be more responsible if my parents had stopped babying him when he was in highschool. And everytime he slips up all he gets is a stern talking to, and then my parents go and fix everything for him. He's gotten 2 speeding tickets in the last 2 months and my parents have paid for BOTH of them AND they will probably end up paying for his mistake when the car insurance comes for is car!

And to top it all off, my mom brought home a used tv from the hotel she works at because they are replacing them all, and which child do you think my dad thought of when my mom told him about it?

You guessed it, my little brother. Who already has ONE nice tv, but of course, he needs TWO! While I have one of the world's smallest tvs invented in the 90's that is also dying. ARGH!


Falling LEAVes said...

I can relate to a lot of your points. My brother gets away with so much more stuff than I do. He's 8 years younger than I am and is treated completely differently. I always tell people that he gets off easy because not only is he the baby of our family, he's also the only boy. And it's pretty obvious my dad prefers having a boy

Zachary J. Miles said...

I'm sorry hon. I know it's really frustrating for you. At least you know that you are dependable and successful. Can't really say that much for your brother. Hang in there. You'll only have to deal with it for another year or two. ;)

LaDonna said...

I can relate Mandy, even though I'm the oldest. My little sisters now have everything that I didn't have when I was their age. For Christmas, my parents bought them a PS2 and I was never allowed to play video games as a child. What's up w/ that? So, I definitely feel your pain :(