Friday, November 09, 2007

List Friday Extravaganza!

I absolutely love house-sitting/dog-sitting for people because:
  1. I get paid to take a break from my parents.
  2. I get to take care of doggies--who I love, but my parents won't let me have because they are allergic.
  3. I get to pretend I'm living on my own for a weekend--with out all the bills!
  4. I get to make my own meals with food that I actually like. (Which is a big deal these days, cause both of my parents are on these crazy diets right now, and they've started eating lamb shanks, and cod, and brown rice, and flax seed bread, and other things that I don't particularly care for)
  5. Since I'm by myself I don't have to be super quiet after 11:00 pm. I can watch tv or listen to music without them coming out and wanting me to turn it down.

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