Friday, March 21, 2008

Is it just me, or do I have the words "Neglect Me" written across my forehead?

Today when I went to the mall, I wondered that exact thing. I went to the mall in search of a black shirt to wear with my black skirt for the Easter Cantata. (Having to wear black on Easter is a whole other blog in-it-of-itself). Anyways, I was at Kohl's and found a shirt that might work, and decided to buy it, because I could always return it if I found something that worked better. We went to the back registers because there didn't seem to be long lines, and I got in the shorter one. There was just one person in front of me, and it looked as if they were finishing up. At any rate, I soon found out that the woman in front of me was actually opening up a Kohl's card. But by that point I felt funny switching to the other line. So I waited. The line behind me began to get longer and another Sales clerk came and opened up another register. Instead of asking me, the next person in line, she asked the person behind me! This peeved me more than being stuck behind the woman opening the charge card, as she kept apologizing to me.

I finally made it through the line, and Zach and I headed to the food court. I decided to get a pretzel and drink. The woman at the register took my order and then we were waiting at the pick-up counter, and she dropped the contents of my order into the bag, and shoved it to the end of the counter, and walked away. Without having given me my drink. So, we waited for a few minutes before she came over to fill someone else's drink. We politely asked her about my drink, and she acts like we are the biggest inconvenience of all time, and says, "Yea. I know." And then takes her sweet time taking care of the other customer, before coming back to us to complete our order. Pardon me for wanting my complete order!

I think people in the service industry need better training!


LaDonna said...

Okay, I can at least sympathize w/ the first cashier who had to deal w/ signing the customer up for the card. But when another cashier comes, it is always courtesy to take the next in line. That is like Retail 101.

Now, the pretzel lady just sounds like a *insert not so nice term here*.

Mandy Quast said...

I wasn't upset with the first cashier, I was more upset with having to wait in line for a long long time to purchase one item (that I really didn't want to have to buy in the first place) and I had my money all ready and everything. I was much more upset that the second register got open and they didn't take the next person in line! :D