Thursday, April 17, 2008

stupid people (caution: ranting blog)

I too, like Leila am tired of working with stupid people. I know, I know, I probably shouldn't be having political conversations with my coworkers...but I wasn't feeling so great, and blame that for my momentary weakness. At any rate, I was talking about the Democratic Presidential Debate that was on last night (kinda a big no-no in a largely Republican office). While I am independent, I would say I am more towards the Dems at this point, because I think Reps tend to care too much about the rich people and not enough about the general middle class....and I really don't care for McCain's policy on the war.

At any rate, I made the mistake of mentioning this, mainly talking about how I am not entirely for any of the candidates (they all have negatives in my book) and I mentioned how I'm totally against McCain saying that we'll stay in Iraq for a hundred years if that's what it takes. And my coworker freaked out about how she agrees with that. Because of the terrorists. Seriously, I'm all for being against terrorists doing crap to our country. That's not cool.

And if Iraq were only filled with terrorists, then maybe I'd be up for the loss of thousands of American soldier's lives. But it's not, and this war has turned into something that is not even about that any more. To me, I think the war is more about the oil there, than the people who live in it. Maybe that's the cynicism in me, but I don't have the faith in our government that the real reason we are over there is because we have to prove to everyone that we can still kick-butt and remind them who we are. I'm so tired of all this ethnocentric crap that we seem to be so good at. That is, telling other people how to run their country. Because ours is so perfect.

peace. (***how ironic)

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Zachary J. Miles said...

Let us not forget that we don't want our ego (the U.s. that is) to get bruised. How could we possibly leave now and appear to the rest of the world like we might have screwed up big time. The U.S. never makes mistakes. After all, we're the 'perfect' country that everybody should look up to and idealize.