Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cultural Anthropology

Every term there seems to be one class that is going to be the death of me. This term its cultural anthropology. Sounds boring, right? Yeah, it kinda is. The worst part is that it's an 8am class. AND my teacher....well, I'll give her credit for writing her own text book about some godforsaken island called Tuvalu, in the middle of nowhere. They don't even have internet on the island. ONE computer for word processing. Goodness, I can't imagine. Okay, I know there are tons of other countries who aren't as technologically savvy as we are, but still. I can't imagine not getting my fix of Leila's blog on a regular basis or checking my email or going to myspace and checking out what crazy things my nieces are up to and not telling their parents about.

Anyway...that got off topic fast. My teacher. Yeah, it's cool. She and her husband wrote a text book about their travels to Tuvalu over a 30 year period, and she uses it as a supplementary text to the main one for the class. It's actually more interesting than the main text. BUT my teacher has these unrealistic expectations of what we do with the other one-hundred, sixty-four hours in our week. Hmm...go to my other four classes and work and do all the homework/reading for them? At any rate we have our first quiz this week. She gave out a study guide forty-one questions long! And not just answer, but explain and give examples kinda questions. Eeek! Which is what our first quiz is supposed to be like. We'll see how I do. And her definitions of a "short" paper are somewhat longer than mine. I've always thought a short paper was like two-three pages. Her definition of a short paper--which we have to do 3 of this term--is six pages. Which wouldn't be absolutely horrible, but the first one is due next week and I haven't started it. On account of the fact that I have no freaking IDEA what it is she is looking for. Sure she gave out an assignment sheet supposedly explaining what she wanted but I have no freaking idea what a "cultural text" is or how I'm supposed to analyze it. Yup, thats about where I am at the moment.

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leila said...

Two words: OY VEY!

That sounds rough, my friend. It's kind of nice being off this term, although I can feel my brain getting all mushy and slow and whatnot, so be glad you're being constantly challenged intellectually because, um, when I was a kid, we walked a lot and then our faces froze like that. Or something.