Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spring term..

I am currently taking 17 credits this term, so forgive me if I drop off the blogosphere for a couple months once the term starts to get busy. I recently declared my major, psychology! I know, exciting!! So I am taking 3 psych classes ( Psychology Methods and Statistics, The Psychology Major, and Social Psychology), 1 Philosophy class (Ethics and Morals), and 1 Anthropology class (Cultural Anthropology).

The Social Psych class is an online class, so we'll see how that goes. I don't have the book yet (Zach took it last term from a different teacher and I was hoping mine would use the same book, but alas, she's not. I also found out when we did the first week's assignment (introduce ourselves to the class on the Discussion boards that I know someone else that is taking the class. Lo and behold, Kenny Monk, or Kenneth as he introduced himself, is taking it as well! To bad he isn't in Medford anymore or we could get together to do the assignments together. Rats! He just had to go and move to Washington!!

In other news, our Spring Break did not disappoint weather wise. It was cold and rainy, occasionally even snowy last week. There was only one day that was remotely nice, and it was still relatively cold. On my dayoff that I mentioned in a previous blog, we ended up nixing the Crater Lake idea (we checked the weather again and it was supposed to be 30 degrees, but feel like 7!) and ended up going to Ashland and had lunch at Munchies and then walked around Lithia Park in the rain. We had hoped that it would ease up by the time we got to the tennis courts, our planned destination, but it only kept getting worse. By the time we got there, the tennis courts looked like one huge puddle. Evan and Leila attempted to play a little, and got soaked even more in the process. We decided to head back to the car, and made a few detours along the way visiting the Japanese gardens, which had a nice little covered bench that we sat in for awhile to escape the rain, and Zach tried to chase some of the ducks at the pond. On the way back to Medford, soaked, we enjoyed cranking up a Queen: Greatest Hits cd and singing offkey all the way back. All in all it was a fun, be it a wet, experience.

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LaDonna said...

Can you really blame Kenny for wanting to move to WA? That's where all the coolest Monks live, duh! Not that I ever get to see him anyways, despite the fact that he lives closer.

I love psychology. That was actually something I contemplated before I settled on music ed. It's so interesting. 17 credits...that'll keep ya busy, good luck! :D