Tuesday, August 26, 2008


My family seems to think I have a lot of it. I'm not so sure. It always seems as if I see something and I steal it, after tweaking it ever so slightly. And then feel guilty, because the idea wasn't 100% mine. I see tons of stuff that inspires me everyday, and I wonder, is it like this for everyone else. That feeling like, "Oh, I wish that was MINE. Well that wouldn't be too hard to do. Just change the colors, and the design like so, and then, it WOULD be mine." And I feel like a fraud. People compliment me, and say, "I can't believe you made that!" I feel like I should tell them that it wasn't my idea. I stole it. Agh! The Plagiarism Police are going to get me!

I guess this thought is running through my head right now, because I'm thinking about opening my own shop on etsy, but I don't know if it would be worth all the time and effort. Is my work original enough that someone would actually want it? Original enough that someone would actually pay for it? I'm not so sure. I guess I would never really know unless I tried to sell it. Sometimes I wish I had a crystal ball to see into the future to answer such questions.

At any rate, if I did open a shop I was planning on including items like: cards, stationary, bottlecap necklaces, magnets, knitted scarves, and tags.

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