Friday, August 22, 2008

My daily routine

Thanks to Brooke for this idea.

My routine really depends upon whether I am working at the office or at home.

On days that I work, it tends to look like this:

8:45--Alarm goes off. I fumble with phone and reset for alarm to go off at 9:15
9:15--Alarm goes off again. I grumble and roll out of bed.
9:15-9:25--Go pee, and then take quick shower. Eyes are usually not open yet as the blaring light hurts my burning eyes (due to lack of sleep)
9:25--Go back to room and look through pile of clothes on floor that I have yet to hang up for something to wear. Find dress I want to wear. "Where is that brown shirt??? I know I washed it yesterday!"
9:30--Give up on brown shirt and take off dress. Look for new outfit. Throw first shirt and bottom that relatively go. usually don't like, but don't have time to worry about that now.
9:35--Brush out hair and throw back in bun. Put on mascara and lipgloss.
9:40--Find first pair of shoes that relatively match outfit. Usually painful high ones.
9:45--Run out door. Get to car and realize I forgot phone/sunglasses/lunch/fill-in-the-blank. Run back to house to get said Item.
9:50--Speed to work so I am not late.
10:05--Arrive late anyway due to said item I almost forgot even though I probably would have been fine without it.
10:05-11:00--Chat with Kathy about stupid client who doesn't understand 401Ks. Print out letters for evil boss to sign. Check on status of document approval, and answer phones. Check email. Update status on Twitter.
11:00--Get mail from mail recepticle. Realize how warm it already is outside.
11:05--Text Zach that he should be drinking lots of water out in heat.
11:05-11:30--Open mail and distribute to individual mailboxes. Endorse checks and code to specific accounts. Make UPS overnight label for outgoing checks.
11:30-12:30--Update twitter status. Surf etsy, and answer more phones. Get annoyed with unnamed broker because he's a talkaholic and some of us don't really care what his batting average was in college.
12:30-12:45--On break run to fast food place and pick up lunch because I didn't have time to make one in the morning
12:45-1:00--Eat lunch at desk and joke with Kathy how we ARE GOING TO START EATING BETTER TOMORROW.
1:00-2:30--More answering of phones and some filing. Help clients find office of broker. Send checks in UPS envelope. Kathy and I surf the Jackson County Inmates online website and get grossed out by some of those guys crimes.
2:30-3:30--Update twitter status and surf internet for remainder of day. Make out receipts for clients who bring in checks. Put in overnight lockbox because I was bored and already sealed UPS envelope and don't want to make new one. Copy incoming correspondence and put in daily file. Log off computer and make it out to car by 3:30:30.
3:45--get home. Change into pjs and check home email.
4:00--talk to dad about day. He informs he he has "x" number of days left until he can retire. I tell him thats good for him. Leave room.
4:15--check myspace and bebo for new comments. Leave comments on friends pages if I feel like it.
4:30-5:30--catch up on blogs I read.
5:30-6:00--eat dinner and help cleanup.
6:30--I go over to Zach's or he comes over to my house.
6:30-10:00--Watch movie, tv, or tv on dvd, and work in Photoshop.
10:00--Zach leaves, or I go home.
10:15-1:00--Don't really know what happens during this time. Probably more of the same. I'm not sure, but all the same, I usually go to my room about this time.
1:00-1:30--Read current book.

On days that I don't go to work, it is like this:
10:00ish--wake up. Look at clock. Decide to get up in 5 minutes.
10:30--Actually get up. Go out to kitchen and search for bread. Find 1 piece. Wonder age of bread. Inspect bread for mold. Passing inspection, pop bread into toaster.
10:35--put butter and jam on bread. Search for milk. Use last of milk and put on grocery list.
10:40-12:00--Eat breakfast. Check messages online. Work on current projects with Grey's Anatomy Season 2 in background. Dad comes home for lunch and brings mail. I check to find 2 credit card bills. Groan
12:00-12:45--Take shower, get dressed, and actually do hair. Put on coverup, mascara and lipgloss.
1:00-1:30--Make grilled cheese and tomato soup. Eat lunch and look through __________catalog
1:30-4:30--check blogs, update twitter status. Run errands.
4:30-5:30--Help make dinner.
5:30-1:30--Plays out much the same as days I work.

Wow, my life is boring. But surprisingly, I'm quite happy with it. I'm thinking about opening an etsy shop, but I don't know if it would be worth it because there are so many on there it makes me wonder if I would actually sell anything. I was thinking I could do handmade cards, bags, coasters, magnets and things like that.


seven said...

Nice. Our routines are quite similar, with a few specifics changed. :)

Mandy Q. said...

No kidding! I thought that was pretty funny as I was reading yours!