Monday, December 29, 2008

Five-Hundred and Thirty-Seven Days

Eeks thats a lot. First, lets get my apology out of the way for falling off of the planet in the last couple weeks. I've been uber busy what with finishing my shopping and my sister's shopping (more on that later), and then wrapping all aforementioned presents, I have had no time to breathe, let alone get around to blogging.

Christmas came and went, and this year, I enjoyed the company of my sister and her two youngest children (aged 4 and 7) and her eldest over Christmas Eve night. It was great fun to have them there on Christmas morn (Especially when they woke us up at FIVE THIRTY!) All in all I had a wonderful Christmas Eve and the early part of Christmas Day with Zach's mom and her parents.

We didn't actually open presents with Zach's family until late the following day, because his sister and her boyfriend didn't get into town until sometime after 11:30. After we got them settled in and took some pictures, we started opening presents.

We were all pretty much done, when Zach left the room, and came back a second later saying, "I forgot one present." And it happened to be an engagement watch! He got on one knee as I fumbled with the stupid box trying to get it unwrapped as quickly as known to mankind. I almost dropped it. Thank goodness he didn't draw it out. If he had said more than those four words, "Will you marry me?" I think I wouldn't have been able to hold it together!

At any rate, we're engaged! I'm so excited... even though our wedding rather far away. We have set a date: June 19, 2010. Which is exactly Five-hundred and Thirty-seven days from now.



Gretchen said...

YAY! Congrats! That's such a sweet story! I'm so happy for you!
(Sorry about all the exclamation points. :D )

Mandy Sue said...

Totally okay. When people started congratulating me via texts and social networking sites, its difficult to master a reply without the use of the "exclamation point". Came out something like this:

Thanks!! I'm uber excited to start planning! Etc, etc!!

(OKay, probably not that last line, but you get the idea):D

Jamie said...

Aww how cute! Congrats!

jess said...

Um, I think we can all agree that a picture of this fabled "engagement watch" is needed, Ms Photographer!