Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So I've been a little neglectful of the blogosphere as of late. I've just been, you know making life altering decisions. Yeah....I'm taking a break from school. More on that later. Oh, and I still can't find a job, even though all I've been doing is applying left and right. Woe is me. Also, I've been working on the design for Zach's and my wedding invitations. Since I want to be all crafty, and crafty takes, well, a buttload of time, I figured I should get started on what I want them to look like.

Anyway, that's what has been sucking the life out of me as of late. Oops, I mean...taking up all my time. On another note, I've seen this pretty sweet meme going around the blogging world lately, recently on Gretch-A-Sketch lately and just had to participate. Seriously, if you don't read her blog religiously, you should head over there asap! Especially if you watch The Office or Battlestar Gallactica or want to learn about fab new bands/books/movies. Anyway, on to the interview:

The Rules of the Interview

1. Leave me a comment saying you want to be interviewed.
2. I'll email you five questions, of my determination not yours!
3. You update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
1. What song would play during the opening credits of a movie about your life?
Oh that's a toughy. Based on my mood today I'm going to go with "Suddenly I See" by KT Tunstall. Mainly because my work/school life has kind of gone to, well, crap. Why do I get up in the morning? Sometimes I need a reminder of why I live my life and also, that I have a wonderful life outside of school and work. I have family and friends who love me, a fiance, and a wedding to plan! Everything else, I'm sure will work out in due time.
2. What's been your favorite Halloween costume?
Do I have to pick my own? I'd say I'd have to pick the time I dressed up as a nerd because I had the most fun finding items, and getting ready. Adding tape to dollar store reading glasses with the lenses popped out, pigtails, plaid skirt. The works. However, my favorite costume ever was when I helped my brother become Zoolander. Absolute greatness.
3. When did you first get into photography?
My parents bought a Kodak easy share 5 mp about 5 years ago. At the time, that was about the best you could get without going the DSLR route. I loved it. I basically "stole" it from them and carried it with me everywhere. I love being able to capture a moment in time with my eye. And then being able to look at that image 5 years from now and remember that moment. About a year ago, I upgraded and finally got the Canon Rebel XT. I'm in love with it. While I'm still learning how to use it, I love being able to have more control over the exposure and lighting.
4. If you were the star in the newest romantic comedy, which actor would you choose to play the male lead?
The correct answer is John Krasinski. And that's all there is to it.
5. What's something about yourself that you rarely tell other people?
Oh this is so hard because I think I'm a pretty open person. Let's see, I'm a secret agent, haha. I guess my one fear is not succeeding. I know, everyone is worried about not succeeding, but my parents are so judgemental of me, it's just really hard. Especially since I'm working on getting through school. My one fear is to waste 4 years of schooling on a subject that won't end up working out in real life. Eek!
This concludes my interview. Let me know if you want me to interview you!


Falling LEAVes said...

let me be the first to say... welcome back! j/k I meant to say ... I want to be interviewed :-)

Gretchen said...

JKras is *always* the correct answer. I'm so jealous of your Rebel XT!