Friday, June 26, 2009


Idea stolen from Brooke

I can't handle the way hospitals smell. It will always make me sick.
I can't fall asleep on my back.
I can't handle having my hair in my face.
I can't stand people who chew their gum with their mouth open.
I can't whistle. I know, that makes me pretty pathetic.
I can't drive a stick shift. Even though Zach promised to teach me 2 years ago.

I can write with both of my hands.
I can remember the phone number of my best friend in the first grade.
I can bake great cakes, which is unappreciated in my house because calories matter to my mom & dad.
I can give myself a french manicure without guides.
I can bargain hunt when I need to.
I can french braid my own hair, but am bad at french braiding other people's hair.

I won't ever cut my own bangs again.
I won't give up on my dream of having a stationary business.
I won't quit college.
I won't ever hate living in the valley.
I won't ever do all the reading required for my classes.
I won't buy tabloid magazines.

I will devote more time to designing.
I will get a job again. Someday...SOON, (I hope).
I will pay every last cent back to my parents.
I will always, always freak out at the sight of a yellow jacket, wasp, or other flying, stinging thing.
I will always be afraid of black widows.
I will buy a Mac.

I shouldn't bite my nails.
I shouldn't worry so much about the guest list for the wedding.
I shouldn't pop my neck.
I shouldn't drink so much soda.
I shouldn't eat fast food.
I shouldn't pull at my hang nails.

I should wash my face every night before I go to bed.
I should save more of my money.
I should stop being so stressed.
I should learn Spanish.
I should make an effort to be more friendly to strangers.
I should be a better student.

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jess said...

You have to send me an email, then I'll send you an invitation. :)