Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wedding Dream #2

I don't remember my dreams very often. So when, I do remember something, it is somewhat exciting! The other night I had my second wedding dream ever. . . (well, at least that I remember)

I came home to find my mom sitting at the kitchen table with bags and BAGS of floating candles. Not pretty flower shaped ones, just plain round floating candles. For the wedding. She had bought it all without talking to me about it. I totally freaked! They didn't go with the theme I was working on for the centerpieces. Not to mention the no-fire/burning at the reception location. So they were useless. And then she told me she couldn't return them. Hundreds of dollars wasted on ugly candles. The horrors. Yeah, I was kinda a bridezilla in my dream. I swear I'm not like that in real life. Although I did get sort of upset with my mom, sister, and dad when they all said they liked round tables and they were superior (et cetera) when I said I wanted rectangular tables. . .

What's a crazy dream you've had lately?


Mindy said...

I can't remember any of my recent ones, but the worst wedding dream I ever had was where I was marrying one man but was in love with his brother. And no, it was no one I've ever dated. What's funny is that I really have no idea where on earth the dream came from!

Justin said...

Ok, this is Erin Green. The only blog account I have is Justin's that he did while we lived in Kauai. I am thinking about starting my own blog! Hm!

Anyways, I had these 2 (or 3?) intense dreams that I still remember. I had my big senior recital in June. It is like the culmination of your college experience and it's kinda a big deal! I invited over 150 people, I think! Before the recital I had a nightmare - yes it was a nightmare - that the recital was here and I was not prepared. I remember hoping that I could tell everyone who had already arrived that they needed to go home and that the recital would be rescheduled!

So my recital came and went and I am happy to say, I was prepared for it and I didn't have to tell the approx. 100 people who came that they needed to go home!

You would think my nightmares would be over. No! Since then, I've had at least one, maybe two, dreams about the recital. In these dreams, my recital was definitely over, but for some random reason, I was going to give another performance of the same recital. Except again, I hadn't specifically practiced those pieces and kept them up to "performance-ready". So again, I was not ready and it was scary. You know that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach?

Random, huh? I don't want anymore of those dreams! So what do you think? Should I blog?

Justin said...
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