Thursday, December 10, 2009

Best of '09 -- Album of the Year

This month I'm participating in a fun challenge thought up by Gwen Bell. Read more about the challenge here.

I can't think of my favorite album of the whole year.  So I'm just going to talk about my favorite at the moment.  I love the tv show Glee.  It makes me so happy, in the middle of the week. It's like a sanity pill to help me get through to Friday!  The music on the show is amazing.  For my birthday, I got this:

I've been listening to it practically non stop in my car to and from destinations.  A couple days ago, this came out:

 I can't wait to pick this up!  What was your favorite album of this year?


Mindy said...

Hmmm, I'm not really sure!! I tend to buy single songs, but some of my favorites this year would be 'Absolution' by Muse, the New Moon soundtrack (don't judge me! They have actually picked some really excellent, if really depressing, music!) and 'Lost Horizons' by Lemon Jelly (which is a great album for driving!). I'm really looking forward to getting the new Snow Patrol album as well.

jess said...

I love Glee!!!! I want to get these too.